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Speaking Moistly 7 – The Gap in the Information. A La Cart ‘Facts’ For A Post Truth World

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#cdnPoli, #cadPoli, #PPC, #canadian #canadianpolitics

292 dollar fine for tim hortons

Trump’s Letter


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THE MUFFIN MAN – while it may be incumbent on police and bylaw officers to enforce the quarantine lock-down and mitigation measures, perhaps they should temper their judgement with a little common sense…or maybe courtesy. Coming down on people with a heavy hand, and attitude to boot, does not endear these officers to anyone. These people are not hardened criminals, they’re just people trying to make the most of a, basically, stupid situation. Who was this muffin eater bothering? Was anyone else in danger of contracting the virus, because he was eating his muffin…alone…inside his parked vehicle? NO!

TRUMP’S RESPONSE TO THE WHO – good for him! You’re not getting any more money until you smarten up…period! That is how a leader should act. Our leader just gets on his knees…and puckers up! Disgraceful.

RACIST VIRUS – actually the Wuhan Virus is racist! It has been shown through the data, that people who are vitamin D deficient have a greater chance of developing complications. People with darker colored skin do not produce vitamin D as well as those with lighter skin. Vitamin D is a large component required for a healthy immune system. It also controls the Cytokine Storm that could take over your lungs, making it even harder to breath. This storm is the hyper-active response, which your immune system fires up to deal with the viral infection in your lungs. The best defense against this racist virus is get out into the sun…especially if you have dark skin.

MEDIA – we need the equivalent of Fox News, here in Canada. Rebel News should go mainstream.

OIL & PIPELINES – when the nut-bars of the democratic party, in the States, start to agree with Trudeau…you know we’re screwed! I guess the question that needs to be asked, is this; how the hell will we get the products and supplies, from coast, to coast, to coast, without oil and gas for our trucks, trains,and planes? Are the transport systems that are in place right now, ready to switch to electric propulsion overnight? How about in 6 months…a year…5 years? The answer is NO! We should, at the very least, be producing oil & gas for our own consumption, let alone the prosperity we could have in trading it on the global market. Mark makes a very good point. If companies are willing to ship prairie crude out to the west coast, rent a tanker to sail down through Panama, pay up to $450,000 to traverse the Panama canal, and ship it all the way up the east coast, to New Brunswick; then it must be more financially viable to build a pipeline instead. A one time cost, as opposed to spending the money to sail the crude through Panama repeatedly. It’s over 7,000 nautical miles one way. The trip takes more than 250,000 gallons of diesel…one way. Is that environmentally friendly?

Thanks Mark & Greg

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